Striking architecture and waterside cafés

Londoners have a new riverfront
destination to call their own.

Just two minutes’ walk from the Tube, Upper Riverside boasts a mix of innovative architecture, restaurants and bars, and a revolving cultural programme – all bordered by a tree-lined pathway along the Thames.

With everything at your fingertips, you have the right to live impulsively. On the north-east of the Peninsula, Upper Riverside is where you can watch life on the Thames go by – from the comfort of your home, at a river-facing café or by taking a restorative, revitalising walk. Landscape architect Eelco Hooftman of GROSS MAX has composed green spaces that draw in from the waterfront, creating interventions between the buildings and allowing the open river to integrate with the architecture. With space at its very foundation, Upper Riverside is an open, welcoming place to be.


Take a leisurely approach – refuel and socialise on your riverside doorstep. You’ll see more of your friends than ever.

A considered group of retailers are set to arrive at the base of each riverside tower – the places you’ll want to eat, drink and shop. There’s plenty to enjoy. Pick up a loaf of Greenwich Rise sourdough at the nearby Craft and wander home through the Peninsula Garden. Or stay and eat in Stevie Parle’s modern British restaurant, with seasonal bar cocktails by Adam Wyatt- Jones.

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