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Captivating style that says home, not museum.
A considered eclecticism that stems from Ashby’s love of art.

Sophie Ashby’s passion for beautiful things creates crafted light-filled interiors.

Based in London, Studio Ashby creates spaces with unique identity, joining the collected and bespoke with all the flourish of a conductor. Her vocabulary of modernism is entirely personal, yet skillfully universal – and that’s no mean feat.

Designing Upper Riverside apartments as perfect places to live in, have a family in, work, eat and sleep in, Ashby worked on this collection for over two years, down to the bones of the building.

With a firm belief that your home and your surroundings have a real impact on your life, she has considered every detail. Ashby explains; “We thought about how you’re going to live, studied where the light went from morning to evening, when you’re going to sit down and use a reading light. The majority of our clients are private not commercial, so we have a lot of experience understanding in detail how people want to be when at home.”



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