Playlists of the Peninsula

In this new series, we go behind the scenes with those that call Greenwich Peninsula home – be it for work or living. Whether it’s a quiet spot to take a breather or their favourite destination for making memories with friends, each offers a unique take on Peninsula life.


Here, we chat with Matt Lo, CEO and Founder of Outrivals on The Tide and Choy House, as he rounds up his top picks on the Peninsula. Marking two of the newest arrivals to Greenwich Peninsula, Matt is already a familiar face for many, with his two businesses welcoming residents and visitors for the last few months.

Having now settled into Peninsula life, Matt tells us why he loves spending time on the riverfront, taking in the views, enjoying the buzz, and meeting both new faces and old friends.

From hopping on the Uber boat for a scenic route back to the City – where his other gym is based – to socialising by the water, hear from Matt on why he feels incredibly lucky to have the Peninsula as the home of Choy House and Outrivals.

Tempted to try an Outrivals class? Head to to book. You can also check what’s on offer at Choy House at choyhouse.


Here, we chat to Jack Thompson, who has been a resident of The Waterman, in Greenwich Peninsula’s Lower Riverside, since 2017.

From escaping into the ecology park for walks with his mum and reminiscing about childhood visits to the Millennium Dome – now major entertainment destination, the O2 – to relaxed summer evening drinking pints with friends in The Pilot, one of the oldest buildings on the Peninsula (also known for its appearance in Blur’s 90s Britpop classic, Park Life), Jack takes us on a tour of the places that, for him, make Greenwich Peninsula such a special place in London and such a special place to live.

You can find out more about the homes on offer on the Peninsula Here


Here, we catch up with Pippa Hogg, Head of Studio for CreativeLab at Ravensbourne University, to find out more about her top picks on the Peninsula.

Ravensbourne University recently moved into its new home at Greenwich Peninsula’s Design District – a new permanent home for the creative industries. We chat to Pippa about what it’s like to spend time on the Peninsula.

Pippa gives us an insight into her working world, from where she goes to get some headspace and relax, to her favourite spots for meeting friends and colleagues – as well as the hidden gems offering amazing views across the capital.

Hear more about Ravensbourne University here.


Next up, we chat to Vanessa Austin, owner of Manna Eating, to uncover her favourite parts of the Peninsula. Having set up her healthy snacks business during 2020, Manna Eating now sits in the heart of Peninsula Square and is one of the latest additions to the growing Peninsula community.

From catching up with friends, finding a place for reflection or taking in the views from The Tide and Central Park – which is just a few minutes from her apartment and Manna Eating – to spending any spare time she has honing her golfing skills at the N1 Golf Range, Vanessa shares her top Peninsulist tips.

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Next up, we chat to Jess Glover, a resident of No. 4 Upper Riverside. Having moved into her new home in March 2020 – the day the UK went into the first national lockdown – she didn’t have the most conventional start, but that hasn’t stopped her from fully immersing herself into Peninsula life.

From discovering the top summer sunbathing spots on the Peninsula, and where she heads to get a boost of serotonin, to capturing Canary Wharf throughout the seasons on her Instagram from her favourite spot on The Tide, she tells us what makes her so grateful for where she lives.